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making an impact

Our mission is to help end the stigma surrounding mental health, by making sustainable clothing to raise awareness.​


Norfolk, UK.

i didn't want to stay quiet.

Mentis Statum was born from my own experience with anxiety and depression. As founder of the brand and having my own experiences with mental health, this is a cause I am so passionate about & committed to raising awareness for so we can achieve our mission.​ While creating a brand that does good, we also want to make sure we are being as kind to the planet as we can. We've sourced earth positive suppliers that are using sustainable fabrics, reducing their carbon footprint at all levels & are working ethically with those from around the world.

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It might not get easier, but you can get stronger.

Men's mental health
making a difference


Giving back

sustainable + eco friendly

Our t-shirts are supplied by a partner who pays a living wage to all the workers involved and is made in a worker-owned factory in Bangladesh set up by former sweatshop workers.

Climate conscious clothing


To help offset any co2 emissions used in this process we are planting a tree for every sale.

Ali Laidlaw

100% of artist drop sales go to charity

All profit from our partner artist sales go to a charity of their choice.

Charity Donation


For each T-shirt purchased 10% will go back to support a mental health charity.

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"The most amazing art and mission. A winner of a company - can't wait to get every single drop."


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"It’s the second time that I'm ordering from Mentis and as I said it is fabulous, quality and originality for really fair prices !!!!! Thank you so much !"

patrick roy Lroyroyston too

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"Fantastic Quality Fast Delivery very happy with purchase Thank You."


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"Thank you so much for the shirt and the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing cause! The shirt is top-quality and the shipping and communication were both fast and excellent. Thank you again and I highly recommend Mentis Statum."
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"Excellent very pleased with the tee shirt and shipping thank you"


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