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Plaster logo T-Shirt - black

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Our Plaster t-shirt - a simple, powerful message. 

Our 100% organic cotton T-shirt finished with our blue plaster design to highlight we are all need to talk about mental health to heal. 

The stigma surrounding mental health will only go if we continue to talk about it. 

Our t-shirts are supplied by a partner who pays a living wage to all the workers involved and is made in a worker-owned factory in Bangladesh set up by former sweatshop workers.

For each T-shirt Purchased 10% will go back to support a mental health charity. 

To help offset any co2 emissions used in this process we are planting a tree for every sale.  


XS CHEST 34-36"
S CHEST 38" 
L CHEST 42-44"
XL CHEST 46-48"
XXL 48-50"



thoughtful fashion

Wear it, frame it love it - show your support for mental health advocacy. It is only by talking about mental health can we help remove the stigma.

Charity Donation

10% profits from all purchases will go to Mind 


100% profit on artist drops go to charity

Climate conscious clothing

We plant a tree with Ecologi in Madagascar

selling fast

New Drop.

Just pause T-shirt

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